Do’s and Don’ts in Playing first international poker tournament

thedealmatchmaker.comDo’s and Don’ts in Playing first international poker tournament. Two events are been hosted in Vietnam this year, in that Asian Poker Tour are tapping in new markets with a fair number of players who are new to the game.

We have taken the chance in the latest event, which is hosted in Ho Chin Minh City and have asked Lloyd Fontillas who is the APT General Manager and Executive Tournament Director. We have also asked Raymund Gamier AKA Papi Bear who is the right-hand man of Lloyd. We have mainly asked one thing that what a new player should know before he starts playing the international poker tournament.

There are a lot of new players who are going for their first big tournament. Therefore, the basic advice given by the two personalities are as below:

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Rules for poker online Indonesia

Bankroll Management and Rules are the two most important thing, which a player should know before they enter in the international tournament. Similar to any other tournament before you enter you must know that how much you can afford and what you are willing to lose. Winners and losers are there in every game, therefore, you will have to manage your expectations and make the game playing more fun. Many players have just now started playing the tournaments who have played in small games e.g. Home games etc. The main difference between international and home games is that in international games rules are followed strictly. All the information related to this rules are easily available on the internet. You can go through them and understand properly.

Dress Code in Poker Online Indonesia

Here you will learn about the dress code and what the players should wear when they are entering for Poker indonesia international tournament.

Every house is having its own house rules. Normally on APT websites, you will get the proper information about what is the dress code allowed. Her in poker for e.g. slippers and shorts are also allowed, but as poker is the consider as sports game so we are always encouraging the players to dress properly while playing the game and enjoy the game.

It is also important to have some form of identification with you, like driving license or passport. There are venues where you will ask about the player’s card. Some can charge the fee and some will do not, but identification is always needed.